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5 Methods for Lowering Stress Levels – Beauty That Walks

It doesn’t matter who you are; you’re going to feel stressed from time to time. With the cost of living rising, negative global news, and long working hours, it’s natural that our cortisol levels are higher than they should be — and higher than we’d like them to be. 

You don’t have to simply accept these rising stress levels. There are plenty of ways to keep them under control! In this post, we’ll look at some handy tips for lowering stress and maximizing relaxation. Take our advice onboard, and within a month we’re sure you’ll be a lot more relaxed. 

Find Out What Causes You Stress

Stress rarely comes out of nowhere. It’s normally possible to trace it to a cause. For example, you may feel stressed because of your work or relationship. In other instances, it may be due to the products you consume; did you know that alcohol, nicotine, and coffee can all make us feel stressed? So take a look at your lifestyle, try to identify what may be working for you and against you, and then make any necessary changes. Many people feel less stress when they limit their alcohol intake, for example. 

Sleep Well

Did you know that people who sleep well report less stress than those who don’t? That’s probably not surprising; it’s much more stressful to take care of life’s tasks when you’re overly tired, after all. If you struggle to get 6 – 8 hours of sleep a night, consider making some adjustments. Reading, THC vape pens, calming tea, and avoiding screen time before hitting the hay have all been shown to make it easier to fall asleep. You may also consider investing in a new mattress and making your bedroom more conducive to sleep by ensuring it’s dark and comfortable. 

At-Home Yoga and Meditation

People who regularly practice yoga and meditation typically have lower stress levels than those who don’t. It can be a little intimidating to join a yoga or meditation class if you’ve never done so before, but you don’t have to get the benefits. Instead, look at doing yoga and meditation at home. There are plenty of YouTube yoga channels and meditation apps that allow you to engage in the activities from the comfort of your own home. Commit to daily practice for a few weeks, and we’re confident that you’ll feel more relaxed and happy. 

Take a Stroll

Sometimes, we just need a little space between ourselves and our thoughts. An effective way to get this space is to go for a walk. Walking has been shown to be highly beneficial for our mental and physical well-being. Simply head for an aimless stroll, and you’ll likely feel better when you’re back.

Visit the Spa

Had an unusually stressful week? Treat yourself to a visit to the spa. It’ll put your body and mind into a state of deep relaxation, and you’ll feel much better when you leave than you did when you arrived — and for several days that follow, too.


Tione is a full-time student and a Blogger. When she is not in class she is actively working on her blog.

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