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I Didn’t Know a Manicure Could be Blonde Until I Saw Beyoncé’s Nails — See the Video

It’s still early morning as I write this, but Beyoncé‘s manicure has me craving a cold glass of bubbles. The Cowboy Carter musician swapped her “Texan French” nails in favor of a sheer microshimmer champagne shade, and if a manicure could be classified as “blonde,” it would definitely be this one.

The nails made their debut in Bey’s latest Instagram video, set to her song “Sweet Honey Buckin’.” Her nails are long, shaped into a slightly rounded almond shape and painted a shape-shifting color that looks nude in one light and frosty in another thanks to the shimmer finish. When she’s standing still, they look like a simple neutral mani, but when she moves, they catch the light and look almost glazed, though a zoom-in on the manicure reveals no chrome powder was involved. (Or if it was, we’d need a magnifying glass to see it.)

They’re naked, but not—a look that certainly seems to be a trend amidst our favorite celebrities, Bey included. Jennifer Lopez wore a similar summery shimmer look recently, with her long, almond-shaped nails covered in a sheer neutral color with the tiniest hint of sparkle, while Halle Bailey gave her barely-there nails a twist of super sheer ballet pink.

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