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I ordered cheap Retin-A from India, so you don’t have to (but you may want to!)

I ordered Tretinoin from an Indian online pharmacy- let me tell you about my experience! 

1 tube was $10 but if you order 3 tubes they were $26 plus $18 shipping- the total sum was $44. Not bad!

The system wants you to put in your doctors information and to upload a prescription. I filled out the information with a random doctor in my area, however, I did not upload a prescription and it still worked. 😉

You can pay with Bitcoin, bank transfer, echeck, or money order. I did a bank transfer, so you will need your account number and routing number for that.

I put my order in on February 12th and my order arrived on February 28! 16 days- not bad at all. 🎉 Throughout I felt well informed about the shipping progress.

To the product: I received Tretinoin by H&H Hedge & Hedge Pharmaceutica LLP (301, om Chambers, 123 August Kranti Marfg, Kemps Corner, Mumbai- 400 036.) and I have to say: I am very pleased with the quality, though it looks different than other Tretinoin creams I have tried. Usually they (the ones I have tried) have a yellow color and are more difficult to spread. This one is white, almost shiny like mother of pearl and it spreads so easy – like a dream honestly! I am using this Tretinoin now since March and I am very happy with the quality! My skin is loving it and I have had no issues (I am tolerating 0.05% very well and can apply it daily and only occasionally flake a little around my mouth. I will probably go for 0.1% when these tubes are empty).

H&H Tretinoin

Overall I can honestly say that I can recommend buying from Reliable RX Pharmacy. This was a very pleasant transaction and I have absolutely no complaints. I give it a big thumbs up! 👍

Did you order from Reliable RX Pharmacy? Leave your experience below, so we all know if you were happy too! 

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored, however, I am using an Affiliate link since I am very happy with Reliable RX Pharmacy. Read my full disclosure.

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