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[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad]  I’m a big Bioderma fan – their micellar water is one my favourite products of all time and I always have a bottle of it in the house. Sensibio (it used to be called Crealine) is the perfect sofa + tv cleanse when you cannot be bothered to haul your good self to the sink and wait for the hot water to run through. I think this is an updated version of the original Cicabio + with the difference being Antalgicine (TM) which is patented to Bioderma and reduces itching. Being in a sensitive skinned family, I always want to discover products that can help.

Bioderma Cicabio Creme + Review

You’d use this on occasion, during flare ups or temporary irritation – it’s not something you’d use long term although I don’t quite see why not. But, that’s the brand advice. You can get Cicabio with SPF or without and it has a smorgasbord of uses, which I’ll run through now. After surgery or wound healing, keloid scars, acne scars, nappy rash, tattoo healing, post laser, post sunburn or on sore nipples during breast feeding.  Weirdly, on the packaging, it refers to ‘intimate areas’ which I’m going to assume is a very shy way of saying nipples without actually saying nipples because I cannot find any other intimate areas mentioned on their website.


The way that this cream works is to create a biomimetic (skin-mimicking) shield with actively repairing ingredients (such as polyglutamic acid, hyaluronic acid and xylose) which will encourage the skin to heal. In essence, it’s working with your microbiome. If you are able to stop scratching (and it’s really hard to!) your skin gets the chance to start repairing itself so that’s a very crucial part of this cream (88% of testers found it reduced itching). I remember when my children were little, they were very keen to have something put on their scrapes and bumps (they adamantly did not believe in the healing powers of doing nothing) and I used to resort to Sudocreme but if I’d had Cicabio I’d definitely have used that because rather than having a placebo effect, it would have helped the scrapes heal more quickly. It strikes me that the new Cicabio+ is one to have in the family medical cupboard/box – not because it’s a medical product but because it covers such a multitude of mishaps and occasions that I can’t see how you could go for very long without it! It’s £10 HERE.

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