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Tatcha The Matcha Cleanse Review

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Tatcha The Matcha Cleanse Review

This is the latest launch from skincare brand Tatcha, and it is really quite interesting. Meet Tatcha The Matcha Cleanse which promises to not only cleanse your skin, but also prime it for makeup. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Tatcha The Matcha Cleanse?

What is Tatcha The Matcha Cleanse?
What is Tatcha The Matcha Cleanse?

This new cleansing product has been designed to be used as a Daily Clarifying Gel Cleanser:

  • Fragrance-free, soap-free gel cleanser
  • BHA alternatives work to decongest pores
  • Balances oil immediately and over time without stripping away essential moisture
  • Maintains skin barrier
  • Primes skin to minimise makeup slip-off and shininess by smoothing texture and reducing excess oil

Key Ingredients

Japanese Kyo-Matcha – rich in antioxidants to defend against environmental aggressors, calm the skin and reduce redness

BHA Alternatives: Japanese Coix Seed (Hatomugi) – Japanese superfood with vitamin B and amino acids which increases skin surface turnover, helping to even skin tone. Willow Bark – gently exfoliates, helping to decongest and rebalance skin.

Ceramide-Like Japanese Mugwort (Yomogi) – sacred botanical known as “the queen of herbs”, acts like ceramides to support the skin barrier.

My Review of Tatcha The Matcha Cleanse

Tatcha The Matcha Cleanse Gel Texture
Tatcha The Matcha Cleanse Gel Texture

I am always on the look out for a gentle yet effective gel cleanser to use as my second cleanse at night. However, this one is designed for day time use as one of its purposes is to prime the skin for makeup.

I think this is a really interesting take on a cleanser and it’s probably the first time I have seen a cleansing product claim that it can prime the skin for makeup. It makes perfect sense that a cleanser that can decongest, promote more even texture and control oil, will prep the skin for better makeup application and wear, but can’t a lot of clarifying cleansers claim that too?

Aside from the priming claims and qualities of Tatcha The Matcha Cleanse, which I am yet to properly assess, |I have to say, this is a really lovely gel cleanser.

Tatcha The Matcha Cleanse Gel Texture with water
Tatcha The Matcha Cleanse Gel Texture with water

It feels smooth, soft and caring on the skin, delivers a feeling of ‘clean’ yet it doesn’t feel like it is stripping the skin. Once rinsed away, my skin doesn’t feel tight in the slightest, in fact it feels smooth, balanced, hydrated and most importantly, my skin barrier feels protected. This is obviously a wildly subjective statement, but a lot of gel cleansers make me feel like I need to get my skincare on as soon as possible. Tatcha The Matcha Cleanse doesn’t.

I don’t always fully cleanse my skin in the mornings, and I tend to either rinse with water, use a gentler water, or simply use a non-acid toning product before applying my morning skincare. My skin doesn’t really seem to need anything that cleanses too deeply, as I will generally have double cleansed the night before.

However, I look forward to trying this on days when I want my makeup to last. Tatcha have user trials that show that using this cleanser controls oil throughout the day and also enhances the wear of your makeup over 8 hours. I’ll let you know if I notice any significant improvements with makeup.

For now, it’s most certainly a gorgeously gentle yet effective gel cleanser that is going to stay in my nighttime routine for the foreseeable.

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Where to buy it

Tatcha The Matcha Cleanse is £42 and available via the following links:

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