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Suzi Grant – The Alternative Ager Guaranteed To Give You Hope and Motivation

*The episode is a must listen! *My guest is broadcaster, author and incredibly popular pro-ageing content creator, Suzi Grant.

Suzi inspires her more than 100,000 Instagram followers with vivacious fashion (including her utterly fabulous headscarves), wonderful energy and her brilliant attitude to ageing. She truly found herself when she was 50 and changed her life. She has written about how she ran away to Brighton and created her perfect life. Now in her early 70’s, she has been quoted as saying that old age is better than middle age and there’s no doubt that she’s living her best life.

During the episode we talk about what gives Suzi energy and happiness and why we mustn’t be scared of getting older. She shares her tips on makeup, exercise and diet plus why joining a member’s club gives her joy and energy. There’s so much more and I know that whatever age you are Suzi will inspire you.

I love Suzi because she stands for all the older women who have so much to give and don’t want to feel invisible. She proves that we can still be confident, relevant and utterly fabulous in our 70’s plus and she also gives us hope and inspiration as we age. (It’s no surprise that many of Suzi’s Instagram followers are younger women who want to learn from her).

You’re going to love this positive, vibrant woman and as Suzi says, “It can only ger better”.

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