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Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Review — See Photos

As TikTok users devour edible beauty trends, it’s not surprising that products look more delicious these days. The latest example is Milk Makeup’s new Cooling Water Jelly Tint, a lip and cheek tint that is reminiscent of gummy worms, Jell-O, and other gelatin-based desserts. The tint comes in four punchy shades (Burst, a vivid fuchsia, Chill, a vibrant pink, Spritz, a warm strawberry, and Splash, a plum) that look juicy in the tube, but are they worth sinking your teeth into? (Metaphorically, of course, because we’d never recommend you eat your beauty products.)

Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint in Spritz

Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint in Chill

Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint in Splash

Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint in Burst

Even at first glance, I’d say yes. Remove the cap on any one of the four tubes to reveal a transparent candy-like cylinder. (They’re like Push Pops, but with a twist.) Tap it against your skin and you’ll notice a bouncy texture (it’s firmer than jelly you’d find in your fridge or pantry, but still has recoil) and an immediate cooling sensation. “The cooling is from the release of water upon pressing,” says cosmetic chemist Ginger King. “Also, the inclusion of aloe vera with humectants like glycerin, sorbitol, and polysaccharide with polymers can enhance that effect.”

If you’re a fan of Milk Makeup’s products, you’ll be reminded of the brand’s original Cooling Water as you play with this new product. The difference between the two, aside from the obvious tint? The Cooling Water Jelly Tint contains “way more humectants,” says King. The moisture magnets make the Cooling Water Jelly Tint more hydrating.

Of the four colorways, I gravitate toward Spritz, a warm strawberry shade. When I first swept it across my skin, straight from the tube, I was intimidated by its staying power. Seriously, it does not move once it sets onto your skin, which takes only a few seconds. I thought, What if I’m left with streaks of red on my cheeks?

To prevent this, Milk makeup artist Sara Wren has two suggestions: “Using a brush allows you to build up the watercolor-like pigment and gives a more precise application,” she says, and suggests an angled, semi-fluffy brush, like the Sephora Collection Blush Brush #93.

Sephora Collection Pro Blush Brush #93

Beautyblender Original Pink Makeup Sponge

For even more control, use a damp sponge. “After squeezing out any excess moisture, you can dab the sponge directly onto the stick and then tap into the skin to apply and blend out,” Wren says. “The added moisture will give you a bit more play time without changing the lasting power of the stain.”

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