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How to Get Defined and Long-Lasting Sponge Twists

Sponge Twists

Sponge Twists

Suppose you have short natural hair and are looking for a quick change. Look no further because sponge twists are here.

This innovative technique has taken the natural community by storm and offers a simple way to transform your tresses.

What are Sponge Twists?

Suppose you are curious about sponge twists and want to know what they are. In that case, it achieves defined curls with a sponge designed for natural hair. Maintaining sponge curls is easy, and you should moisturize your sponge curls daily with a good leave-in conditioner with a spray nozzle.

You should also protect your hair at night by wrapping your hair in a satin scarf or sleeping on a satin pillowcase.


How Long Do Sponge Twists Last?

To answer this question, various factors Come into play, such as hair type and products used.

However, generally, they can last from one to two weeks. Can I wear sponge curls to bed? Yes, you can wear sponge curls to bed. To maintain, it is recommended to wrap the hair at night with a satin scarf or pillowcase.

Sponge curls are a great style to wear if you are a short hair natural. It is also easy to style instead of finger styling for curl definition.

By understanding your hair texture, following guides, and using the right tools, you can achieve sponge curls . So, embrace this style and let your natural hair shine! beautiful

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